Historic GP grows younger
After trying out 1960's formula 1 the scuderia enters car in F1-1979

Anton Norup holds a slot in the exclusive SSR (Swedish Sim Racers) league, and he used the opportunity to try out a 1979 Williams FW07 for the Mexican GP at 'Circuito Hermanos Ricardo y Pedro Rodriguez'.

15 minutes of qualifying didn't suffice for the ITR star-driver and with opposition as strong as the SSR79 league it was impossible to mingle among the top contenters. The Williams ended up next-to-last in front of the only Alfa Romeo 179 entered.

"That's somehow a comfort", said Norup afterwards. "I don't hope it will upset the ITR bosses, I didn't beat the italian on purpose!"

The start; and Norup in front of the back-marking Alfa 179
"The cars are quite a handful, much like the 1967 pre-wing cars of GPL - but very different obviously", Norup added, excited over the finished struggle. "I only ever finished one race - after starting five times".

But the track is improved compared to the 1967 layout where cement-filled tyres sprouted up from the mexican asphalt everywere.