Bursting with energy
Advan cup racer rolled out for 2007 season

Advancup star-driver Torben Aalykke took the opportunity to show his repainted Alfa Romeo 156 racer to a party of Team ITR CEOs.

The boss of all bosses, Per Einarsson, was overwhelmed by the splendidly prepared car: "This beautiful car embraces everything that's italian", said he while scrutinizing every detail. "It is meticulously prepared and the Alfa Corse paint job is just right".

The Alfa Corse colored 156 racer, a Ducati and a Mustang at the HMS test day at Roskilde KTI, Claus Larsen's Turbocharged Lancia getting a biggyback ride.
Anton Norup, Per Einarsson and Claus Larsen shared a visit at the Historic Motor Sport pre-league testing at Rosklide KTI.

After visiting the Alfa Romeo workshop in Kvinderup, where the squad met with Morten Stjernholm - and the Capo di Tutti Capi got to drive the red-hot Evo 8, it was time for a video shoot of Claus Larsen's Lancia Kappa 2.0 Turbo.

But the show was suddenly interupted by a bursted oil hose, and the Lancia had to be hauled back to Funen biggy-back style, and Claus Larsen's trip back took a bit longer than planned.