Advantage ITR
Successful first appearance for ITR Alfa Romeo racers


The international motoring press were all eager in anticipation when the Scuderia ITR trailers arrived at Jyllandringen for the season opener in this year's Advan cup.

Former Hyundai-driver Torben Aalykke was accompanied by Mitch Fischermann, the famous gocart hot-head.

They both brought with them beautiful red Alfa Romeo 156 racers, and after the crowd settled, Torben Aalykke made a statement, saying: "As gentlemen drivers we must say that we are here mainly for the fun". He continued by answering one surprised jounalist: "We haven't been testing; driving italian cars, one has an obligation to take in the good life ... so we just haven't come around to that part yet".

Scuderia Into The Red star-driver Torben Aalykke accelerates down the pit-straight in the black-eyed Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS racer
In the thirty car strong field the ITR drivers managed very impressive placings at P21 and P22. The team manager, Per Einarsson said afterwards: "That's very convincing, as the suspension setup wasn't suitable for the track at all, and it was significant that engine power wasn't up high enough".

"We had to drive on pure guts and by applying that special filigree touch that Alfa racers have", said Mitch Fishermann after the race.

Sheer driving skills and superior mechanics, then.

We can't wait to see more.