Viva la evoluzione!
Team cars are uprated as season draws nearer

Trackday organizer and red-blooded Mitsu-ista Morten Stjernholm tried to hide the fact that his Evo Eight has had a suspension-transplant behind the news that he had bought a badge for the rear hatch. The hatch looks fine - but the coil-over adjustable Bilstein undercarriage draws a litte more attention; we can't wait to feel it up.

Gert Sterner had his 145Q trimmed on the rolling road and issued a fresh set of huge wheels with appropriate rubber. "I'm ready!" says the ITR veteran as he tries to make himself heard over the growl emminating from the fat Raggazon exhaust pipe.

From center and clockwise: Morten Stjernholm's stupendously expensive badge imported from an english Evo-specialist; the 1972 Bertone GT of Per Einarsson prepared for some stiffening of the chassis; While Gert Sterner's Alfa sits on new rims alongside Mark Feldborg's Fiat 127; The silicon upgrade for Søren Bærholm's Audi Turbo 4WD monster; and Gert Sterner's Alfa at the engine workshop.
Capo di tutti capi, Per Einarsson has found a rollcage for the ever-evolving Bertone GT. "Steffen, our CEOEE, will have to find a proper colour for it", says he, "It has to match the dark-red leather that is going in the cabin".

Audi-driver Søren Bærholm announced that for his present project, the Audi 200 quattro 20V, he is planning to plug-in a newly acquired chip. Says the eager owner: "The german supplier boasts up till 300 bhp without the risk og engine blow-outs".

EVOlution? ... REVOlution more like it!