Springtime preparations
Scuderia workshop crowded with ITR cars

While spring is closing in on the famous drivers of Scuderia Into The Red, the cars are piling up at the garage doors of CEOEE Steffen Madsen - the owners bursting with anticipation and the engines thirsty for fuel and springtime air.

Claus Larsen's Lancia K recieved new Eagle F1 rubber for the Superturismos, while Claus Olesen's Alfa 156 got new front suspension and engine management components. Per Einarsson's Alfa Bertone GT is in for another engine-out treatment.
The chief mechanic has had Per Einarsson's Alfa Bertone under scrutiny for a few weeks already; it will get a refurbished gearbox and ditto LSD differential.

"I am looking around for a rollcage as well", says the famous team manager. "It will stiffen the chassis, and it just might save my life if I should overdo a Nurby lap, some time later this year".