Third place for ITR star-driver
Scuderia ITR remains one of the top simracing teams

Anton Norup drove two fabulous races at Silverstone for the last event in the SCSC GT Legends Winter Challenge.

"Fighting was extremely tough", reports team manager Per Einarsson, who also attended the races in one of the team-Alfas. "But the track is a blast in the fast Alfas - once you get it under your skin".

Last ITR entry was Gert Sterner who pitted in with engine trouble mid-race in the first sprint. He spent the remainder of the spectacle with the Bella Lago swimsuit models yelling as Anton Norup roared past the pits.

Norup could have taken 2nd place in the Championship, but Brian Bernberg was really flying and drew away from the rest immediatly at the drop of the Union Jack.

Anton Norup's trusty white Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA in flight over the kerbs of Silverstone, and (below) in the very exciting struggle with Brian Jørgensen in the red Mini Cooper during the closing laps of the last race.