Going down the Hatch?
ITR star-driver defends championship rank at Brands Hatch

ITR Simracing Star-driver Anton Norup fought well at the gruelling sprint races last night held at Brands Hatch. He still holds second place in the SCSC Winter Championship with 226 points from 22 starts, closely followed by Brian Bernberg at 219 points.

Anton Norup hurls the agile Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA round Stirlings Bend and points it down the famous Clearwater high speed straight.
The next race at Silverstone will determine the final ranks among the runners-up, but the cup has been secured weeks ago by Claus M in the very fast Lotus Cortina.

Setup wizard Steffen Madsen is placed 10th at
50 points, Team Manager Per Einarsson is 11th with 46 points and Gert Sterner holds 17th place at 12 points.

Everything is settled with next weeks races, and then it is time for some real-life racing as the first spingtime trackdays and test events are closing up.