Advan Cup driver signs with ITR
Alfa Romeo racer added to the fabolous Scuderia

While preparing for the 2007 Advan Cup season, Alfa 156 driver Torben Aalykke has signed with Into The Red Motor Racing and will enter his 2-litre Twinspark car for as many races as possible.

The car as seen last year at Padborg Park and Ring Knutstorp. It will be repainted for the 2007 season. The 2007 Advan Cup season will also see another Alfa 156 and an Alfa 147
"It's going to be a tough fight because the engine is rated at 155 bhp, and that gives a calculated kerb weight of 1318 kg (155 bhp times an 8,5 formula factor)" said Torben Aalykke to the Team Manager during the negotiations, "Not much racing in that, and added to that: The engines usually doesn't perform to spec".

Oh, well ... And the Alfa 147 can drive at 1275 kg as its engine is rated at 150 bhp. According to Advan Cup regulations, cars have to follow street factory ratings.

"That allows the Peugeot 307 to drive at 1173 kg because they are specified with only 138 bhp" says the driver with a smile, "But they are rumoured to bring at least 160 bhp after legal tuning".

The Alfa Romeos are prettier, though.