I want one
Star-driver tempted by Italo-british Group C racer

The danish historic racing comunity was invited to an open-garage event at one of their collegues/competitors.

"Open garage evening" at Claus Bjerglund's. Jørgen Klitholm tries the low seat in the Alba-Ford and aims for a make-believe 24h Le Mans apex - pure Marc Breton ...
"The poor man has sold his De Tomaso Pantera and a Porsche 911", informes ITR star-driver Jørgen Klitholm, "but as they were replaced by an Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA and a Group C Alba-Ford, he hasn't lost the spunk, really ..."

Not at all! Jørgen Klitholm was very impressed, as were the rest of the guests, who almost didn't show the 1965 Alfa Romeo racer any attention. No wonder.