Norup takes win in Dutch dunes
ITR rules the Nederlands Challenge in SCSC

After stalking Brian Bernberg through the first of two sprint races at Circuit van Zandvoort, Anton Norup lept ahead in the second race and secured triumph for the famous scuderia.

Both Gert Sterner and Capo di tutti capi, Per Einarsson, arrived very late on the sandy coast-line after chilling out in the bar at the hotel the previous night.

"I didn't really need the practice, because the track is already under my skin", said veteran driver Sterner. "And we had other thing to attend to; but it's wonderful to be back", concluded the tired team manager.

And now they have to continue the party; congratulations to the fantastic team.

Clockwise from top: Per Einarson aims the unpainted GTA for Tarzanbocht at the end of the main straight, Gert Sterner negotiates passage in the twisty-bits, Anton Norup in vigorous competition with Brian Bernberg