Premature league finish
Despite tremendous fighting the battle is lost

After the first of three outings on the British Isles, the 2007 SCSC Winter Championship was decided when Claus M in a Lotus Cortina secured the trophy in front of the crowds at the Mondello Park International raceway in Ireland.

Scuderia co-founder Anton Norup raced his white Alfa Romeo GTA very convincingly but was unable to wrestle any points from the untouchable winner. Veterans Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson also entered GTAs but were placed further down the ranks.

Clockwise from top: Anton Norup clips the cerb in the difficult Esses; Gert Sterner heads the blue GTA for the short back-stretch leading up to the last haripin; team manager Per Einarsson emerges over the sharp uphill righthander at the far end of the unduating track