Zoldering success
Bussy Alfa Romeo GTA among Fords

Steffen Madsen took P2 and P3 in two phenomenal aprint races at the belgian race circuit of Zolder. Anton Norup followed suit by securing P5 and P6, while team manager Per Einarsson ran almost a lap behind at P12 and P11 from the 15-car strong starting grid.

Just as the green flag fell for the second sprint; Steffen Madsen in the front row and Anton Norup in row three
The venue was the first of three races in the Nederlands Challenge; a part of the SCSC Winter Races.

Luca Brasi of the ITR main sponsoring company Bella Lago (tm) was very glad to gather the team at a after-races party in Brussels later in the night. "This is why I back a wonderful team like Into The Red", said the italian multi-millionaire, "I can always count on my star-drivers to deliver".