Suspense continues in Sweden
ITR rules the Scandinavian Challenge in SCSC

The SCSC circus returned to Ring Knutstorp with an 11-car strong field for an evening of two sprint races. ITR entered team manager Per Einarsson and star-driver Anton Norup, both in Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 GTAs.

The Capo di tutti capi was taken ill by the extravaganza of the previous night and managed to get disqualified in the first race and only recieved points for a P7 in the last race.

Anton Norup, however collected much applause for his tremendous speed in race 1, where he was shunted on lap one but still managed to fight his way through the strong competition and end up an astonishing P4. Even better for race 2 where he scored a P3 only 0.6 seconds down on P2.

This has catapulted Anton Norup to
#1 in the Challenge at 44 point. FORZA!

Steffen Madsen is
#8 with 23 point and Per Einarsson is #11 at 12 points.

Clockwise from top: Anton Norup in the white Furiani-prepared GTA; gaining P3 right after Tändstiften in race 2; Per Einarsson takes P7 in the second race when Kenneth Klinge spins in T1.