Right back at Ring Djursland
Scuderia ITR challenges the SCSC establishment

The first shoot-out in the SCSC Scandinavian Challenge was held at the fabolous Ring Djursland in Denmark right after New Year's.

As foreseen by respected motoring journos, the famous Maranello Scuderia Into The Red were 'right back' and ready to take on the opposition. Three Alfa Romeo GTA race cars arrived on the transporter, and as usual they were immaculately prepared.

(Clockwise from top) Steffen Madsen regaining lost ground in the second race after scoring a P2 in the first, here followed by Michael Ryhl; Anton Norup storming towards another safe P3 in the second race, the pursued Ford Falcon out of sight; Per Einarsson braking hard for another hairpin.
Steffen Madsen surprised by taking P2 in his first race, and only bad luck forced him to accept a P5 in the second. Anton Norup had redesigned the steering in his car but still managed to take P4 and P3 respectively. Team Manager Per Einarsson qualified rather poorly but safe driving secured an astonishing P7 in both races.

'Somebody had to take care of the Bella Lago girls' said the team boss, 'and the sponsors expect us to invite everybody over for a drink afterwards, so ...'

Yes, so ITR is back in the fight, although Jørgen Klitholm and Gert Sterner stayed back home at the Scuderia Workshops in Maranello.

They are preparing for the upcoming races.