New Italian Legends
Popular league attracts talented drivers

Ever since Jørgen Klitholm inaugurated his SCSC 'Squadra Cuore Sportivo Corsa' the Alfa-dominated simracing league has grown from a social club to a very serious league for classic racing freaks in Denmark.

Team boss Per Einarsson and star-driver Anton Norup has attended all races, and since a Christmas gathering at the Audi-garages of Søren Bærholm, where a bit of GTL racing was done, both Gert Sterner and Steffen Madsen joined for the last race in the 'Italian Challenge' series. Neither scoring points, though.

Anton Norup in hot pursuit of Michael Ryhl over the hill and into the Aqua Minerale section of Imola
Monza, Imola and Misano; three tough races gave a well-deserved #4 at 57 points to Anton Norup in an Alfa Romeo GTA - the winner earning 98 points in a Lotus Cortina. Per Einarsson ended up #9 with 20 points in a similar GTA.

The next series is the 'Scandinavian Challenge', followed by a 'Nederland Challenge' and subsequently a 'British Challenge', all comprising of three double-sprint races.

The motoring press expects the famous Scuderia to dominate the series, as usual. And the Team Manager has assured the sponsors that it will be so.

Let the games begin, FORZA.