I do like mondays
Handling exams in the rain at end-of-season trackday

Race report

"C'mon, C'mon, everybody" shouted the ever-eager Morten Stjernholm, and in no time he managed to assemble a very impressive trackday paddock at Padborg Park.

Some quite expensive machinery was entered for this opportunity for the drivers to explore the limits of their car and (more specifically) themselves. "It was hillarious", said veteran Redder Gert Sterner. "I drove in circles round cars costing ten times more than my own".
Well that IS what trackdays are all about: Learning that limits to performance and power not always lies in the technical specs as much as in the abilities of the owner at the wheel. But that shouldn't stop Sterner enjoying himself!

Anton Norup flinched the agile Fiat Punto S round the demanding circuit in very smooth style (as usual) and certainly found the limits, as was very graphically demonstrated by a pair of braking trails into the gravel after T1.

As if it wasn't enough to bring the Mitsu evo 8, Morten Stjernholm also took the Phantom black 156 with him ... but then again: If you can, you should!