Another year gone by
Scuderia ITR is growing genuinely famous

Claus Larsen won the HMS Clubrace championship very convincingly after tough competition among a record number of participants in the CR3 class

Jørgen Klitholm
started out in the early spring with a new engine in the yellow Alfa Romeo Spider, but repeated trouble with the high-output power plant resulted in a sole appearance for the busy ITR newcomer. He scored an 8th in the 1966-1971 B4 class.

The rest of the real life gang only participated in trackdays. Good ones at that, though.
Morten Stjernholm created the fabulous where many ITR-members showed up for some of the best ever trackday-ing.

The scuderia traveled to the Nürburgring and over the alps onto the Azure shores of Nice and Monaco and rode the historic road circuit of Solitudering near Stuttgart.

All in all a fantastic year.
Claus Larsen (center) recieves the 2006 cup with runners-up Frank Holm and Ebbe Mortensen seen respectively left and right