Hectic spring and summer leaves the team effort dwindeling

The motoring press has noticed! The sponsors are turning somewhat nervous! And the fans are wondering: "What's up with the famous scuderia Into The Red?"

Over the last weeks rumours had it that Gert Sterner was planning to race an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione next year, and that Simon Nielsen was going to sponsor a return to Formula One for Maserati.

But it is all a hoax. The real explanation lies in the dull fact that everybody is preparing for next year. Except - of course - from Claus Larsen who is still going VERY strong in Club Racing.

(Clockwise) Per Einarsson's Alfa Romeo 166 and Simon Nielsen's Alfa Romeo 147 GTA during maintenance at a secret facility in Sweden, Anton Norup keeping in shape with some bad weather Go-carting and Søren Bærholm preparing his Audi 200 Quattro 20V.