Choola hopsa in summer heat
Knutstorp is turning into an ITR favourite


While the world turns slow and lazy, and the humid heat of a very unusual summer glues everybody to shadowy Café chairs in the Metropoles ... ITR petrolheads go racing.

This time the team sent a trio of Alfa Romeos to Ring Knutstorp; Gert Sterner, Claus Larsen and Anton Norup came in the former's 145Q. Malmö residents Simon Nilesen (147 GTA) and team manager Per Einarsson (166 V6) joined them in sweden, and drove in convoy through the early morning for a pre-0800 check-in.

The trackday was arranged by redder Morten Stjernholm, and he took both his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 as well as his good old trustworthy Alfa 156 TS.

Gert Sterner on the 145Q: "It's not a racer" ... But he never tired of it during the day and went like a mad-man in order to use up maximum time on the track!
Simon Nielsen announced that he was pondering a documentary film: "It's really exciting to see how newbies react and cope with the overwhelming experience of going out on a race track for the first time", said the pensive film-man. "I will try to collect the images and then, maybe, it will materialize into a film".

We can't wait!

It will then be a follow-up on Gert Sterner's 'Official trackday teaser' from 2003.