Visiting Monte Carlo
ITR evaluates the Monaco Grand Prix with Bernie and friends

The team managers of the Major European Racing Teams (MERT) met in Monaco for an evaluation of this year's Grand Prix, and because ITR Capo di Tutti Capi, Per Einarsson, is president of the assembly for the next eight years, some of the CEOs came along for some leissure time and gambling at the Côte d'Azur.

While staying in Nice (for the good style) and travelling by car on the Autoroutes along the sea, the Capo stated at a solo press conference that "... Bernie has been a bit difficult this year, but we all concluded that we are on the right path", and that "Jean really should tell everybody how the Barichello-button worked" ... Big applause and no comments!

Capo Per Einarsson ignores the Ferraris at Monaco Motors, while; Simon Nielsen feels emotionally connected to a Maser QP; vue over the bonnet of the Alfa 147 GTA of Simon Nielsen, chosen for the inspection of the GP circuit; the CEOs hanging out at the paddock corner before the MERT assembly