Swedish Glory
Claus Larsen wins first round in the Clubrace championship

After loosing the championship with an extremely narrow margin last year, ITR star-driver Claus Larsen began this season in the best possible way: By collecting the trophy at the first outing this year - Sturup Raceway in southern Sweden.

The Orange Alfa Romeo Sprint has been meticolously prepared over the winter, and Claus Larsen is even building a special garage for the racer at home.

The event was run over two races, where CR2 and CR3 raced together. The ITR car was able to qualify among the stronger CR2 cars, but Ebbe Mortensen - who won last year's championship - stole away the first heat, when Claus Larsen was shunted during the crowded start.

The Second heat also saw some punting and shoving between the first few bends, but the orange Sprint found its way through the field and kept a strong class lead due to determined driving by the highly experienced ITR driver.

Well deserved congratulations.

The Orange Alfa Sprint of Claus Larsen is being prepared at the ITR-works in Skallebølle before the trip to southern Sweden.