Tranquillity before the storm
Two Redders go sub-ten BTG at the Nürburgring


Scuderia Into The Red toured the North Loop again. The trip was a bit overshadowed by Gert Sterner's engine crash in the Alfa Romeo 33 16V, but we did experience four inspiring days in the Eifel Mountains - obviously.

Two redders set sub-10 minutes BTG times: Anton Norup and Gert Sterner both managed to wring 9:45'ish times out of Simon Nielsen's awesome Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

The bad weather gave a lot of opportunity to look at other things than ring-nutters and beer mugs. The team ventured into the green hell woods and found the old Südschleife (South Loop). Most of it is B-road today, some of it has been abolished and part of it is only reachable by foot (as seeen above ... what a bend to approach in a 1930's race car!)