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GTC65 race at Magny Cours

Anton Norup and Per Einarsson flew the team colours in France at a recent GTC65 venue over 2x13 laps at Magny Cours.

Anton Norup drove the first race in his Chevy Corvette, where he had several tremendous fights with among other League-founder Karsten Borchers in an Austin Healey 3-litre. They both lapped team manager Per Einarsson who drove an under-geared Ferrari 275 GTB/C from the ITR collection.

In the secong race both ITR-drivers fielded Ferraris. This time with a much better result for the stoic manager.
Norup has been testing 1968 formula one cars over the last week as well. He has returned with some rather positive feedback after driving the Ford-Cosworth DFV powered Matra racer of '68 vintage.

Earlier this year ex-ITR simracer Peter Christiansen also tried a 1968 Ferrari 312 F1 car.