Full steam ahead
Historic 1971 class racer sets amazing pace at Ring Djursland

Event report

Jørgen Klitholm participated in the SSCF Special Saloon Car Festival at Ring Djursland in the yellow Alfa Romeo Spider and showed the crowds some real italian guts when the twincam engine (at last) was given some stick.

It was a big event with a lot of races and everybody was eager to compete for the first time this year. So naturally the ITR star-driver lept at the chance to show the competition that Scuderia Into The Red is fit for fight.

Klitholm set a very respectable practice time of 1:02.980 securing him a 12th slot on the 27-car starting grid. Very good indeed; the time was 5 seconds adrift from Jan Heiselberg in a very fast BMW 2002.

Twentytwo cars started, three did not finnish, and Jørgen Klitholm climbed to a P11 after 12 laps - one lap behind the winner. The car recieved a dent in the rear wing from an aggresive Hillman Imp while negotiating the paddock bend.

The second race was even more dramatic, as the Opel Commodore of JP Jensen got in the way while fighting the ITR-car for P8 and the yellow Spider was shunted into the armco barriers. 'I decided to take him on the outside after the paddock bend, but he defended the line and I overdid it ... BAM!', said Klitholm afterwards, 'What I most regret is loosing the points, though. I would be second in class if only the Commodore would have stayed on his line and given me the space i deserved ...'

That's the spirit!