Nürburgring trip ends boxer life
After years of hardline service Gert Sterner's 33 16V finally dies


The grey Alfa Romeo 33 16V of Gert Sterner drew it's last stroke en route to a trackday at the Nürburgring in Germany. While screaming through a series of tunnels a big-end bearing broke and the boxer changed the sound track from soprano to bag-of-bricks.

The car was sold to Sasha at '75 experience' in Döttingen. He was looking for a good 16V engine and accepted the keys at an improvised ceremony in the grey drizzle, before Team ITR returned to the North Loop with only two cars left: Per Einarsson's Bertone GT and Simon Nielsen's 147 GTA.

Truely a sad day in motor racing history.

The car is towed from the crime scene; Sterner passes on the keys to 75-experience mechanic Sasha; the car in action at Pflanzgarten last year; the happy owner in the good old days at the 'ring; mourning in the danish Nurby-community in the evening at hotel 'Zur Burg'