For a boxer agility is king
Gert Sterner out-manouvres heavy-weight grunters

Event report

At the first BMW after-works trackday of 2006 three ITR members saw their chance to get some action and a splendid opportunity the get to know the swedish "Sturup Raceway".

For both Simon Nielsen in his Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and Per Einarsson in his Alfa Romeo 166 it was the first time on a closed circuit with the obligation to demonstrate the superiority of the milanese V6 orchestration.

But although both cars were thrashed thoroughly around the undulating tarmac, it was no problem at all for ITR veteran Gert Sterner in his Alfa Romeo 33 16V to drive in circles around both team mates ... much to his satisfaction!

Sterner is extremely satisfied with the pace and agility of his nimble boxer. From center left anticlockwise: Line-up of the ITR cars: 166, 33 and 147 Alfa Romeos; Glorious sounding 75 3.0 of Jacob Holbech; Honda battle in one of the many hairpins; Sleek 1600cc 156 of Kenneth Klinge accelerates past the grandstands.