Testing for superiority
Head-to-head testing with the opposition

Event report

The 2006 Historic Racing season was jump-started over the weekend when HMS held a test-day at Roskilde KTI. A surprisingly large field of cars and drivers turned up, including a few newbies and a few old guys with new cars.

Scuderia ITR focused on Jørgen Klitholm and his yellow Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider. Everybody was awestruck by the power of the new engine. "It goes like a rocket", said Klitholm, "and the torque band is just perfect". The final ratio has been lowered and 5th is shortened.

The Spider on full throttle through the esses on the back straight and (center below) the team: Jørgen Klitholm, Anton Norup, Simon Nielsen, Per Einarsson and Claus Larsen.
The revcounter and other guages hadn't been connected, so the car had to be driven with a seat-of-pants attention. "The suspension is matched with engine power now and the sound is really exhilarating ... and a bit loud, so only some smoke developing when shifting to 4th alarmed me that something wasn't right".

The car was pitted into the paddock, and it was found that the breather oil-hose had popped off, and that the camcover wasn't quite tightened, resulting in an oil-soaked engine. This subsequently led to the smoke, as oil virtually poured onto the exhaust.

During the second of three allowed stints for the combined TC71/TC76 class the engine suffered what was believed to be a damaged bearing, and engine-builder Christian Knudsen advised that the car be taken to his garage in Slagelse for a check-up.

But the team is satisfied. And Jørgen Klitholm is ready for another season; this time with more power. Bring it on!