Testa Gialla, yellowhead
Historic racer receives heart-transplant

Rumours has it that Jørgen Klitholm - 2006 entry of Scuderia ITR in Historic Motor Sport - is installing a custom-tuned 2000cc Alfa Romeo DOHC engine in the yellow Spider for the upcoming season.

Secret photographs from the garage in Risskov. The old engine produced a healthy 150 bhp and had a red cam-cover. So what is this yellow-headed beast?
Ever since Jørgen Klitholm started racing in his Alfa Romeo Spider, the Testa Rossa engine has served its purpose without missing a beat.

But in recent seasons the competition has grown stronger and the ITR star-driver has improved in skills and experience. So now it is only natural to upgrade the engine. Alfa-wizard Christian Knudsen, who has breathed on many a HMS racing engine, is rumoured to have sold his old GTAm engine to Klitholm.

But what is actually coming out of the garage for the season-opener remains a riddle. We're looking forward to being surprised - pleasantly!