Watch out, Racing World
Schedule-meeting in the famous scuderia

The 2006 season is sneaking up on us all, but Team ITR will not be taken by surprise; we are ready! The coming season will see a much more wide-spread participation across the motoring world of petrolheads-go-bananas.

A two-car train of silver cars came across Denmark from Malmö to Risskov via the ITR tuning garages in Skallebølle.
Anton Norup revealed a beta-version of his conversion of Ring Djursland for the phenomenal rFactor race-sim. It is very realistic and even more fun than the previously released GPL version upon which it is based.

The half-way rendevouz was at Skallebølle, where chief-mechanic and simrace stardriver Steffen Madsen showed Ferraris, Maseratis and Jaguars to the astonished crew. The team manager's Alfa Giulia GT was also there with the engine removed.

Jørgen Klitholm has his Spider disassembled as well; new engine and transmission is going in. And Søren Bærholm proudly announced that he finally has bought a turbo-quattro and is eagerly looking forward to massage some tarmac with the 220 bhp on tap.

The real-life calender will soon reflect the exciting decisions taken during the weekend.

First outing will be with the danish Peugeot OC at a trackday in early april.