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Simracing community congregating around new race-sim

As GPL (Grand Prix Legends) draws to an end, a new stunning race-sim is ready to take over ... and Into The Red Motor Racing Ltd is ready to join the ranks of virtual-world petrol heads in the 1960-1980 realm of GT racing.

At the very first online race in the newly formed Danish Legends community - a two-race event at Dijon Prenois with 30 entrants - three ITR drivers participated. And especially the team manager was enjoying the opportunity to run the Bertone GT without the risc of bending a fender!
The Danish simracing elite was gathered, with entrants from GPL-, GTR- and F1-leagues popping in for a trial of the new kid on the block.

Anton Norup chose a 289 cubic inch V8 Ford Falcon, while Per Einarsson and Steffen Madsen turned up in 1600cc Alfa GTAs. And it surprised everybody that Star-driver Madsen took pole position and even outpaced a lot of Detroit iron over the 14-lap races and ended up on the winner's rostrum in both races, outright winning the second heat!

Truely amazing, and very promising for an upcomming GTL-league.

Real-life members, Jørgen Klitholm and Gert Sterner, have also joined the GTL team, and has been spotted in the odd race or just during private practice.