Finale in the green hell
Last DGPLS league finalised on the fabulous North Loop


Into The Red ended up 4th in the 2006 GPL championship. Run over 10 rounds on 8 tracks, the league saw some spectacular racing, and even though ITR didn't show up in full force regularly, the famous Scuderia from Maranello made it's presence known troughout the season.

Per Einarsson at Wehrseifen as usual in pursuit of Flat Racing's Ferrari-driver Rene Løwenstein. With a full 19-car starting grid the green hell was almost overpopulated ...
The Championship was won by Allan Christoffersen in an Eagle-Weslake with 892 points from 9 starts.

Best ITR place was Peter Christiansen at
8th with 815 points from 10 starts and 8 finishes.

Team manager Per Einarsson was
14th with 687 points from 9 finishes.

Steffen Madsen collected
684 points and ended op 15th from 6 finishes.

Gert Sterner only attended 4 races and collected
25th place from 220 points.

Søren Bærholm joined for the last races but only started twice, giving a
28th at 172 points.

This was probably the very last season of GPL simracing; maybe some small-scale GPL65 or GPL69 racing will be taken up next season, but it is doubted if ITR will enter cars.