The long haul home
Almost 400 km of high speed racing in Belgium

Race results

The starting grid at Spa Francorchamps in the Belgian Ardennes holds nineteen cars. And this was exactly the number that pre-qualified for the 26-lap marathon race.

Steffen Madsen was away testing GTC racers for the scuderia's next effort in GT Legends, and Søren Bærholm had announced to the team manager that he was off to collect a turbo-charged trackday car he had bought in Germany! So the job was up to star-driver Peter Christiansen and team manager Per Einarsson.

But on race night Bærholm was back in the entry list because the purchase in Düsseldorf didn't go as planned.

Three Ferraris in the arena; the crowds are excited. Per Einarsson pulls out from the pits after refueling and is overtaken by Rene Löwenstein. Søren Bærholm unlaps himself closely following the wake of the Flat Racing car.
The start went pretty undramatic, as everybody knew what kind of carnage Eau Rouge can claim on an overheated first lap. Twentysix laps of 14.1 km each is not won or lost in the first turn.

After a few laps the ITR pitcrew grew anxious because the 312 of Peter Christiansen did not show on the downhill stretch in front of the garages; he had crashed and nobody heard from him until after the race. The car had disappeared, and he collected a 'did not finish'.

Per Einarsson ran a splendid race, conserving the powers and mechanicals of the car whereby he could collect an amazing P13, which almost was exchanged for a 12 when he outran Flat Racing's Rene Löwenstein in the closing laps down the Masta straight. But places were swapped again in the Carriere section.

Søren Bærholm came home last, but ran a steady race and ended up P16; mostly due to fall-out among the competition, but not more than 6 minuttes down on ex-redder Anton Norup in the green BRM - after 370 km of racing.