Going half monty?
The real-life team is contemplating a pool-trackcar purchase

Officially known as 'Project 916' (progetto nove cento sedici) it has been announced that the hardcore trackday lunatics of Scuderia Into The Red are planning to buy an Alfa Romeo 2-litre GTV in Germany and bring it to trackdays as a common one-for-all entry.

The purpose is quite clear: A beautiful car for maximum fun in good style. The main dilemmas centre around road-registration, insurance, preparation/maintenance and who-to-blame if the car is damaged ...
The opinions within the team are however a bit devided, as part of the fraternity already is more deeply involved in thoroughbred racing, and from that standpoint clearly recommends a more drastic venture into pure racer territory.

'No need to go half cocked', as one Redder put it. 'The Alfa GTV is much too heavy and it won't fit into any racing class anywhere ... not anywhere with a chance to win anything anyway!'

Nevertheless the pre-study is continuing and the car will probably be purchased soon. We need to - at least - TRY it!