Sideways in France
Marathon effort from Maranello superstars


With half of the scheduled races already done the 2006 spring championship is as tense as ever seen before.

The most recent race was a fourtysix lap marathon on the public roads of Rouen, and - judging from the two-week prequalification - ITR wasn't expected to dominate. But when the chequered flag flew on the two races, the red Maranello cars had once again participated big-time in the entertainment of the crowds.

And the points earned has rocketed the team as well as the star-drivers onto the top stratosphere of the Danish Grand Prix Legends Society.

Steffen Madsen going sideways through the tight Scierie turn at the end of the 300 kph back straight. Although the race was a bit dull for the ITR star-driver he did collect a fair pool of points. The only serious threat to his succes, besides the cars lack of top speed, was when Eagle-driver Ragnvald Joensen drew closer in the closing laps.
Peter Christiansen held P1 for 23 laps after pulling clear of the starting line, and leaving the Lotus 47s of Jacob Spring and Kent Nielsen paralysed on the grid.

However, the fueling-strategy of the ITR star-driver forced him to pit in halfway, and this enabled Jacob Spring to gain the lead, which he managed to keep until the end.
Yelling and screaming in the pits. The girls went wild!
Per Einarsson went to France with the usual expectations: Attend to the sponsors, keep the girls calm and fight on the track with the yellow-helmeted Flat Racing drivers. And this time was no different:

From the first minutes to the last lap the team manager swaped places with Rene Löwenstein seven times. The duo was joined by ex-redder Henrik Christensen, and the crowds loved it! The three cars running in close order lap after lap.