Upstate shoot-out
Anglo-american Eagles dominate at US Grand Prix in New York State


Four cars were entered and pre-qualified for the USGP at Watkins Glen. The Gran Prix was held over two double-sprints of 23 laps each, and the famous Scuderia had pre-qualified two cars to each venue. A potential for maximum points, then.

But out of eight chances only five cashed in. Gert Sterner failed to materialize on race night, and star-driver Steffen Madsen chose the wrong car for his first race!

The mechanics had prepared a Formula Two car for some burn-in testing, and for some reason Steffen Madsen used this car for qualifying. He chose it himself and even insisted on going out in this car.

Steffen Madsen takes the chequer on a splendid P4 in the second heat. On the last lap he passed a very unfortunate Sune Nielsen of Flat Racing and thus scored the highest Ferrari placing in this hi-speed dice-out where the Eagle-Weslakes dominated from the first minutes.
Per Einarsson had the heavy task of representing ITR on server 2 among a double-barreled presence of Flat racers.

The usual suspects were Rene Löwenstein and a very fast Michael Rasmussen. The ITR-driver set Personal Best during pre-qualification but did not manage to increase speed during the two races. Here he spins out on the opening lap of the first race and falls back to P-last.
Peter Christiansen turned up with a severe cold but decided to go for try anyway. And despite a non-typical lack of focus he managed to haul in a fair pool of points.

Especially in the last heat he was somewhat intimidated by an aggresive Sune Nielsen and lost concentration in critical moments. But this was ballanced by determined racing in the last half of the race, and afterwards he was tended to by the sweet Bella Lago swimsuit models back at the hotel.