Change of the guards
Formula One team changes drivers mid-championship

Recently the F1 simracing team has been forced to go racing without co-founder Gert Sterner, because he was asked for elsewhere. But now the seat has been taken over by fellow veteran ITR-man, Søren Bærholm.

Søren Bærholm last raced for the famous scuderia while Cooper-Maseratis were fielded, but he has also driven the red Ferrari 312 for two season during earlier years.

Gert Sterner hanging out with his friend Enzo in the pit garages of Monza.
It is no secret that Gert Sterner is one of mr. Ferrari's personal favourites, and he even raced a 312 while the rest of ITR went for the Cooper-Maserati.

Sterner will return to real-life racing where he is on the board of directors in the special Trackday section of the Danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club.