Little wing of 1969
Car-dynamics are dramatically changed from the use of 'wings'

Into The Red star simracer Peter Christiansen had the oportunity to try out the newest modifications from SEFAC Ferrari in South Africa during the Christmas Holliday.

"This could very well spoil my holliday season", said the exhausted driver after trying the new car for a few laps on the Kyalami circuit. "Not much christmas spirit left after experiencing such speeds ... this is the future!"

Peter Christiansen gets ready for a first try-out in the new car.
All teams have prepared wings for their 1967-type chassis, But the Ferrari 312 is one of the more good-looking examples. The Brabham car, to name one, looks simply ridiculous with a monster wing blocking the vision of the driver.

But 'down-force' is the new buzz word amongst designers, and it certainly proves that laptimes can be further reduced.
Another layout of the wing adds an increased vertical load on the rear tyres. The spring rates has to be stiffer, but the car 'rides on tracks' through turns. Wonderful!