ITR dominates the Italian GP
The tifosi got what they came for - again


"See red" is what they call in the States. And that is exactly what happened at the Italian GP, held in december at the Autodromo di Monza near Milan.

And as expected by the motoring press, Scuderia Into The Red once again helped paint the picture red. In both heats the red cars from Maranello shot forward along with their red competitors, and although the blue Eagle-Weslakes were too fast the most spectacular racing was among the Ferrari 312s of ITR, Flat Racing and a few privateers.

Steffen Madsen leaped forward an flew the first couple of laps in a tight trio with Ronnie Pedersen and Sune Nielsen, both running Ferraris. He had to pit in for fuel mid-race - a strategy that was regreted in agony after the race - but otherwise the car ran suprisingly well the whole distance.
Peter Christiansen scored a fabulous P2 after experiencing a semi-serious crash in the Lesmos after burning the tyres trying to catch eventual winner Ulf Olsen in the Eagle-Weslake.

The #8 Ferrari cruised effortlessly through the half-way pitting field, thus scoring a well deserved podium placing for the Scuderia.
Per Einarsson actually held P2 for 10 laps, but had to pit in for fuel and was struck by bad luck as he collided with team mate Sterner, giving way for Flat Racing hothead Rene Löwenstein in a similar car.

Even ex-redder Norup running a heavy BRM 16-cylinder racer seized the oportunity to out-drag the team manager down the back straight.
Gert Sterner was plagued by a bad connection despite his state of the art equipment. This caused somewhat erratic steering which made it impossible to stay in the race.

He collected a Did Not Finish and rested in the pits watching his team mates score a fantastic applause from the italian crowd.