Chuck-up at the Norisring
Full team goes sprint-racing in Bavaria

Race Results

After being delayed a fortnight, when the Norisring sprint-races were cancelled on the original date, the famous Scuderia did a splendid show on the fast Bavarian street circuit.

For the first time this season the elite saw ITR star-driver Steffen Madsen in action. You can almost sense the sweaty face of Niels Ellerup in the Lotus 47 as he glances nervously into his rear-view mirrors in the fight with Madsen in the 312F.
Star-driver Steffen Madsen qualified 4th and held a well-deserved P3 until he missed the tight T1 midrace when his drinking-bottle came loose, giving up the third podium step to Laust Olsen of championship-leading Happy Privateers. The second dash only confirmed Madsen's talent, when he fought a hefty struggle with Lotus-driver Niels Ellerup until the green car vanished into blue air.

Enzo favourite Peter Christiansen is a fabulous starter, and this was demonstrated on the starting grid in both races; the red rocket shot into an agressive pursuit of the alien-like elite. Despite some trouble with exit oversteer he managed to drive a very steady race under tremendous pressure from changing opposition.

Gert Sterner once again showed real professional determination as he qualified somewhat slower than expected, but kept the Ferrari 3-litre in combat despite a few unfortunate offs. In the second of the two races he really rose to the occasion and did some phenomenal racing for which he collected some just-as phenomenal cheering from the Bella Lago girls in the pits
The Team Manager, Per Einarsson, was struck by bad luck when he came round on the last qualifying lap to collect his Q5 and the system froze! It was impossible to get the car ready for the grid, so he had to stand jumping and yelling on the pitwall during the first race. In the second race he blew the engine and was out of serious competition all the way to the chequered flag.

Team statistics But ITR has climbed the Team Championship ranks and the season seems more promising than it looked a few weeks ago.