Wide spread activities
Into The Red goes simracing where ever possible

Many leagues are just starting and some has been running for some time. But one thing is for sure: The famous scuderia from Maranello is involved in quite a few leagues now.

The question remains; is the total effort too wide-spread and will anything come out of it? The sponsors are somewhat worried. Last week don Vittorio of Ristorante Al Dente in Maranello stated at a press conference that "... if they don't start showing some focused effort (like in the old days, ed.), we might well find ourselves forced to pull the money, eh ?!"

Capo di Tutti Capi, Per Einarsson, went to Maranello to persuade the sponsors to stay with the team despite the failing results in the simracing arena. At a spendid dinner party, on the back terrasses of don Vittorio's Al Dente, the money-backers seemed to change the mind during a loud and festive night ...
Scuderia Into The Red supports the Ferrari 360 Modena of Anton Norup in the Danish GTR Society. After a few races in the GT-2 class Anton Norup resently stated: "The cars and the league doesn't really live up to my expectations ... maybe its my lack of training, but I don't seem to get the grips with the cars". Anton Norup is placed #7 in class after races at Barcelona, Enna and Brno. The class is led by ex-redder Morten Smidt in a Porsche 911 GT3-RS.
It all started with the Danish Grand Prix Legends Society and the excellent Ferrari 312 cars. The upcomming season is just about to start in october 2005, and rumours has it that the team is once again negotiating with Enzo Ferrari for some red cigars in favour of the Cooper-Maseratis of the last somewhat fruit-less season. But who will join the driver line-up this time?
Maybe the future and the backing money is to be found in the GT Legends pack, that has just been released. Anton Norup and team manager Per Einarsson has tried out the cars, and it really sounds promising. During last week an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA has been intensively tested by Anton Norup.
Over the summer some of the redders have tried the Gran Turismo GT4 sim with special interest in the very accurate rendering of the present-day Nürburgring north loop. Interesting stuff, but can it top GTL?