Supernaturals at Monza
The famous team is back in red and the italians love it

When Il Commendatore summoned the world press last weekend to tell the fabulous news that Scuderia Into The Red was back with Ferraris, the italians went absolutely raven mad - all of them and all night long.

The famous team has been joined by some of the all-time greatest Ferrari-drivers, and they all drive with a true Sporting Heart 'Cuore Sportivo'.

Yesterday they tested the new cars at the Monza Autodrome outside Milano and there were litteraly ten-thousands of Tifosi for the all-day free spectacle.

Revving the 12-cylinder cars on the Rettifilo Tribune with the excited crowd in the background. When the presentation was over and the Bella Lago girls came out into the open in front of the pits, the Tifosi stormed the armco and flooded the tarmac in no time.
Team Manager Per Einarsson drifting through the Parabolica curve. "I am very pleased to be back in the 312 again.

It demands more presence than the Coopers of last season", he said.
"But when you get it right, it just has that extra grunt that makes it GO".
Steffen Madsen raced last season with 'White Dudes Black Helmets', a makeshift team that was only entered to give the star-driver an opportunity to air the old Ferrari 312 from the season before.

"I hope the new cars can be set up right", states the tuning specialist. "My style may have changed a bit during the break".
A true Ferrariste, Gert Sterner is bouncing with great expectations for the new season. Here seen leading the Capo and Peter C through the Lesmo bends, he is allways eager to stay in front of the pack.

"The cockpit is very important for me", says the co-founder of ITR. "The view over the brim of the canopy really takes my breath away".
This year Luca Brasi, Presidente of Bella Lago, was very pleased to introduce a new Redder: Peter Christiansen has always excelled in his Ferraris, and now he is signed to the most famous team.

His efforts with Pumpkin Racing speak for themselves, and he has always been a fair competitor with a rare and gifted understanding of the sport.