Flattened in Johannesburg
Good spirit in the pits despite bad luck

Race Results

The newest stallion in the famous ITR Scuderia, Peter Christiansen, set a fantastic best pre-qualification lap during free practice for this years season-opener at Kyalami near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Steffen Madsen, who has reappeared from hiding, only managed to insert a single laptime into the charts. He had to cancel his participation after spending time tuning a Lamborghini Islero; six twin-choke carbs in a low engine bay put too much strain on the hero's back, so he was nursed by Bella Lago swimsuit models in the pits during the race.

Peter Christiansen qualified Q2 on the grid and Per Einarsson shot forward to an amazing Q5 after a tremendous last minute effeort before the grid was assembled for the fall of the green flag.

The result does however leave room for improvement. Signore Luca Brasi of Bella Lago was not satisfied with (an unfortunate) DNF, a lost P3 and a P-last.

The team manager runs wide at Clubhouse Corner with a steaming Michael Rasmussen up the exhaust pipes. Although trying his best to preserve the tyres, Per Einarsson lost grip big time during the last five laps of fierce fighting, thus plummeting from a certain P3 to a disappointing P6.
Urgent need for repairs even before the race had started for real.

Gert Sterner with the engine ablaze after a horrific multi-car shunt on the starting grid.

He Almost made it through the carnage, but unfortunately torpedoed a Ferrari that shot accross the track from out of the blue.
Full throttle over the brim of the steep hill on Kyalami's main straight.

"There is no doubt that this new driver will bring points to the Scuderia", said the boss afterwards.

Peter Christiansen drove a steady race and managed to keep ex-redder Jan Kyster at bay under extremely stressful conditions.