Untouchable champ
ITR real-life racer Claus Larsen is 2005 Champion in the CR3 class

Race report

The only thing that can change that fact is if all cars in the CR3 turns up for tha last race at Knutstorp on 25/9 2005 and Claus Larsen scores a "did not finish" and if Ebbe Mortensen wins the race!

Ring Djursland was the turning-point of Claus Larsen's tuning efforts
The race at Ring Djursland was indeed a turning-point for Claus Larsen and his struggle to find the right setup. "After changing the sping rates I can dial in oversteer at will in any corner", says the pleasantly surprised ITR driver, "the car used to understeer wildly, but this has definately changed the character of the car".

We can't wait to see what this will bring for next year!

The races at Sturup Raceway confirmed that the orange Alfa Sprint is flying, as it finished 32 second ahead of main competitor Ebbe Mortensen in his Alfa 33 ...