Uprated suspension causes crash
A disappointed Claus Larsen feels the downside of getting too much grip

Race report

The bettered grip and traction, due to the recent tweaking of spring rates on Claus Larsen's Alfa Romeo Sprint, was indirectly the cause of a crash in the final race of the 2005 championship.

It was the final round of the year. The CR3 class ranks were to be settled in the two heats, and unfortunately Ebbe Mortensen, in an Alfa Romeo 33, came away with top notch after a dramatic shunt for the ITR driver. The tougher loads on the front suspension that is the result of the much better balance of the car, caused the bolts to come loose both in pactice and as seen below during racing.

Oh bugger! The famous scuderia looses the championship and a wheel ...
Scuderia Into the Red went to the event with six entries. The reason for this splendid turn-up was that the organizers also allowed road-cars in special trackday slots.

Anton Norup participated in his blue Fiat Punto, and it was given a fair beating round the swedish hills. "The car is much easier to control after I changed the rear suspension struts; the bushings were ruined. This is much better", said an excited Anton Norup after the first of two practice stints.

Søren Bærholm roared the track in his five-cylinder Neckarsulm Silver Car and really gave it some stick. As did Gert Sterner in the high-pitched 16-valve boxer. For both drivers this was the first and, so far, only outing this season. Except from Nürburgring in april, obviously!

Simon Nielsen drove top-down in the sleek Spider. He and team boss Per Einarsson in the blue macchina classica were there for the second time this year, and this time in the dry. "Its an all together different experience to drive on dry tarmac", stated Simon Nielsen. "Now I can really use the whole width of the track without risking an off. "

Superb track, and a superbly organized day. Except maybe for the damaged racer of Claus Larsen. And the glitch in the Championship efforts.