Revolutionary GPS-logging
Streaming Video
The wizz-kid and his car logging yet another lap - yes there's a video.
A handheld GPS-device with USB output and a laptop with datalogging options. That's all it takes for real-life Redder Anton Norup to fabricate a full packet of "race dynamics" from a standard trackday.

Anton Norup and Per Einarsson participated in an Alfa Romeo/ Honda trackday at Roskilde KTI, although the team manager actually only planned to "maybe man a flag-post or something", both drivers ended up spooling around the tiny track.

After a few days of analyzing and programming Anton Norup announced: "Well, you can call it nursing my four-wheel geek-image, but here it is, look at this", and presented all results from raceline over velocities and accelerations to an actual traction circle.
The raceline (anti-clockwise). Green is acceleration, red is braking.
One charateristic lap with the graphs for positive and negative accelerations along the length of the car (front/back) and across the car (left/right).
This graph shows the car balance 'as seen from the car'. The center of the diagram symbolises the car at stand-still, and the plotted points indicates how braking, turning and acceleration shifts during a single lap. The emphasis towards "top-right" shows that the highest G-forces were obtained during "turning left and braking". Note that the value actually reaches almost 0.8g - amazing but true!
Per Einarsson decides to take the Bertone GT racing anyway. "I'd better tighten the nuts. They haven't been touched since Nürburgring in the spring ... Hrnngg!"