Cooper dice at Kyalami
Anton Norup hounded by the team manager past the pits
In the DGPLS summerfun race-series, once-redder Anton Norup turned up in a works-prepared Cooper-Maserati T81B, and qualified well ahead of still-redder Per Einarsson in a similar car, albeit painted RED - obviously!

At the fall of the green flag the famous team manager immediately tried to repeat last week's grid succes and rushed past an almost stand-still Anton Norup, but unfortunately this time the maneuvre wasn't executed with the necessary elegance. Thus the green car was shunted right after the startline, and Anton Norup had to pit in for repairs the next time around the pits.

This did however give reason for a splendid fooling-around between the two Coopers, both ending one lap down on race-winner Laust Olsen in an Eagle-Weslake.

On the final lap the red Cooper was ahead of the green Cooper. Here seen accelerating out of Clubhouse bend and heading for the Esses. But the ever galant Boss of all Bosses eased the gas before the finish line at let the blue-helmet #17 win the dice.