1.5-litre cars entered in RSA
The team manager passes the pits one lap down on the elite
Team manager Per Einarsson and Real-life Redder Anton Norup both entered Ferrari 512 1.5-litre cars in the summer-fun race at East London in the Republic of South Africa.

Despite qualifying last on the four-car grid, 2½ second down on pole-sitter Laust Olsen (BT11 Brabham), the #3 ferrari shot past both Anton Norup and Laust Olsen, following in the wake of eventual winner, Lars Gaarde driving a BRM, but it didn't last many laps before the ITR ferrari was once again last in line.

Anton Norup managed to lap Per Einarsson exactly on the finish line on the very last lap. But, as the Capo said afterwards: "It was only for the photo opportunity!"

Anton Norup drove a steady race in a similar car, but did not have much time for practice because he had been trying out some classic GT racing in the newly demo-released "GT Legends".

Exciting stuff. More will follow.