Cooper-season finalized
The sponsors are satisfied but the drivers expected more

The aborted-and-restarted 2004-2 season in the Danish Grand Prix Legends Society was concluded with a steady solo-perfomance of star-driver Henrik Christensen.

The Team Manager tried to persuade Michael Andersen to drive also, but he only participated half-heartedly in the pre-qualification. Michael 'Stabilo' Andersen told the press that he had right from the start made it absolutely clear that "I DO NOT DRIVE THE NÜRBURGRING". The Capo de tutti capi had to admit that this was correct.

Team statistics

Team 'Flat Racing' took the third consequtive team title and Scuderia Into The Red ended up #9 with 1108 points compared with 1972 points for the winners.

Sune Nielsen, star driver of the league and team Flat Racing, won the driver's title again with a total of 892 points compared to the Redder's 628 (H. Christensen), 617 (M. Andersen), 218 (P. einarsson) and 200 (S. Bærholm)

Driver's briefing on the starting grid before the race at the Nürburgring

Henrik Christensen drove a tough race without visiting the pits even once. The car took some severe beating with offs at Adenauer Forst twice and with a couple of pushes to the wheels when the armco came a bit too close.

From a quite unfair last-of-the-grid starting position he fought his way through the usual confusion at Südkehre and the powerful Maserati engine was then given some stick and the green cigar was kept ahead af the competition until an unfortunate shunt after Fuchsröhre (as mentioned above).

The final lap turned into an epic fight between Henrik Christensen and Rene Löwenstein of team Flat Racing, where the ITR driver actually outperformed the Ferrari on the intermediate stretch between Antonius Buche bridge and the new Tiergarten chicane.

But unfortunately the braking went a bit wobly when the Cooper got a wheel on the grass. Only 10 seconds parted the cars after an hour of racing.

The race down Döttinger Höhe on the ultimate lap. Henrik Christensen and Rene Löwenstein swaps positions again-again-again ...