Let the chase begin
New front suspension for the ITR club-racer

Like an orange metal carrot, Claus Larsen's Alfa Romeo Sprint was trown into the stir-pot that is Ring Djursland.

He didn't have any competition, as he was the only contender in the re-opened CR3 class. But that didn't stop him trying out the new front end suspension.

Tiny delicate italian stalked by a big brutal italian
The engine has in fact been de-tuned in order to stay in the top end of the CR3 weight/horsepower range. But more important: it has recieved the front suspension from an Alfa Romeo 33 16V, thus acquirering outboard ventilated discs.

Rumours are that the next step (following a crash at Knutstorp) will be to dial in some oversteer ... the question is how ??!

Front left-side suspension from an alfasud with inboard brakes, outboard brakes and a photograph of the more robust and ventililated setup from an Alfa 33 16V