Supension collapse
Drama at Knutstorp as ITR racer crashes out of race

Race report

Claus Larsen was just getting the grips on his new suspension when a bolt loosened and fell out of his front suspension mid-race at ring Knutstorp in Sweden.

The orange racer immediately bounced off the track, luckily at a low-speed corner, but also right after the dreaded high-speed Tändstiften stretch.

Claus Larsen and his car is collected by the 'sweeper' after the chequered flag.
A bit ironically, all bolts (except the two lower ball-joints in the steering) were tightened one extra time by Claus Larsen just before the race. This was ofcourse in order to assure that the new struts were up to the job.

The team manager was yelling at his driver to continue the race; it looked just like he only missed the turn in his eager attempts to regain his place in the race ...